The Minneapolis Sound Museum is a tax-exempt Minnesota non-profit 501(c)(3) founded in 2021.

The Minneapolis Sound Museum will exist to educate, celebrate, and create, while also providing an environment to learn, gather, and showcase artistry that preserves and fosters the Minneapolis Sound genre.

It is our goal to a establish a museum that is also home to a recording studio, event space, and retail shop at a permanent location in North Minneapolis.

Our museum will provide an interactive, inclusive, and participatory space that explores the rich legacy of the musicians and bands who contributed to the legendary Minneapolis Sound, with a focus on our beloved African-American, North Side Community.

Our Recording Studio will give opportunities to our local community members to record their own music and dreams. Our vision includes helping the community record and learn about recording and making music with professionals in the Minneapolis Sound Community. Both established and new artists will be welcomed to use our studio in our exclusive state of the art space.

Our Event Space will provide an opportunity for local artists, both past and present, to host musical performances. Our vision also includes hosting music release and listening parties, book readings, musical performances, artist talks, educational events, and more.

Our Retail Shop will provide a place for local artists and artists connected to the Minneapolis Sound genre to both showcase and sell their merchandise. We plan to feature both established and new artists to promote avenues for additional Minneapolis artists exposure while also continuing to keep the Minneapolis Sound alive for future generations.

Most significantly, we will provide a landmark tourist attraction to the City of Minneapolis for generations to come. Additionally, we will provide multiple avenues of social enterprises, supporting the local artists of the Minneapolis community in which it will reside.