Our mission is to be the first museum in Minneapolis to share the story of the people and the culture that came to be known as the Minneapolis Sound.

The Minneapolis Sound Museum is a tax-exempt non-profit 501 (c)(3) under fiscal sponsorship of DEMO (Diverse Emerging Music Organization) 501(c)(3).

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The Story of the Minneapolis Sound

Prince Rogers Nelson was born and raised in North Minneapolis, MN. He was the product of a tight knit, culturally rich, creative, and extremely talented Black community that due to segregation and red lining within the City of Minneapolis had to develop a fierce competitiveness to even be heard.
As Dick Clark so famously said in 1980 to a young Prince and his fellow Minneapolis musicians in his band on their first appearance on American Bandstand, "Where'd you learn to do this in Minneapolis? This is not the kind of music that comes from Minneapolis." But this music did come from Minneapolis. Dick Clark was simply observing what was obvious to the world at that time, how did this funk, r&b, rock, and pop mix ever come out of a state where at that time the black population never exceeded 2%?
Prince was surrounded by friends, peers, and mentors who shared his passion to be the best. All of these people were instrumental in helping create this genre of music. Most of us know Prince's story, but what about everyone else's story.
We aim to answer these questions and more. The Minneapolis Sound Museum will be from the cultural lens and emic perspective of the people who created this genre of music that came to define an era. The museum will offer artifacts, films, audio recordings, oral histories, interactive media, graphics, and visuals to bring the history of the Minneapolis Sound and its creators to life. The Minneapolis Sound Museum will also have a special emphasis on the Northside of Minneapolis and its Black Community, we aim to preserve the history and story of those whose stories are often erased.
The Minneapolis Sound Museum will highlight our City of Minneapolis, our Northside Community, and will be a home for the legacy of not only Prince, but all of the artists, bands, and musicians who contributed to the creation of the Minneapolis Sound.